Protect Your Home from Wet Basements!

Heavy rain or melting snow can cause excess water pressure through your foundation’s wall. This can contribute to many moisture-related issues in the foundation of your home. No matter how you choose to use your basement space, it needs to be protected from any kind of leakage or potential of flooding. American Underground Specialist provides reliable, effective, guaranteed service in surrounding Chicago areas to help fix your basement problems quickly because we understand how waterproofing works. Our goal is to protect your home with the use of our expertise.

Common Threats of Water in Basements

Having water in the foundation of your home is an immediate threat. The threats can come in many forms such as:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Moisture
  • Humidity
  • Air Quality
  • Cracks and Leaks
  • Flooded Basements and more!

Waterproofing Your Foundation

Our team will conduct a complete excavation on the outside perimeter of your foundation down to the footer of the structure. We will also prime the foundation wall until the siding meets the foundation. Afterward, we install an ECP membrane followed by a dimpled fabric, adding an additional layer of protection to your foundation. Then we install drain tile and install new gravel to establish a proper water filtration system. 
We work to relieve static pressure on your foundation walls to help it last. Ask us about our free lifetime WaterFree Guarantee by calling us at 815-247-4528!

Interior and Exterior Waterproofing

American Underground Specialist provides effective interior and exterior waterproofing services. In the case exterior waterproofing isn’t in your budget, interior waterproofing is a quick solution for leaks that can damage your foundation. Exterior waterproofing stops water from seeping into your basement, which helps eliminate odors and allergies. This method can help preserve your foundation and save you thousands of dollars in expensive repairs and rebuilds. 
Having water problems in your home can reduce the value of your property. Get those problems fixed quickly with American Underground Specialist.

Drain Tile Replacement

Drain tiles have the purpose of collecting water around the inside or outside of your basement foundation. This helps keep your foundation dry and keeping unwanted moisture away from your home. With American Underground Specialist, we can tell you if you need to have your drain tile inspected or replaced.

Our procedure of replacing your drain tile includes opening up holes in different parts of your basement walls to check the condition of interior tile. We will then inspect the tile itself for mud deposits, standing water, or foreign material.

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