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Are you struggling with a damp basement? Have you noticed cracks in your foundation walls?

If so, act quickly to ensure your basement is repaired and your house stays sound and dry. When you hire an expert like American Underground Specialist, we are able to pinpoint the cause of your moisture problem, and take the necessary steps to fix it.

Why is this happening?

The majority of homes have built-in waterproofing systems in charge of keeping water out of the basement, or removing it as soon as it enters. Wear and tear, or interference from tree and bush roots can cause these systems to malfunction, leaving your basement and foundation vulnerable to moisture. Many homes have a drain tile system located under the basement floor. This system catches water that tries to enter the basement and pumps it back out. Over time, this system can become clogged or blocked, leading to wet basement issues.

American Underground Specialist will keep your basement dry!

When your home’s drain tile system malfunctions due to a clog, it is rarely necessary to excavate and replace the entire system. The experts at American Underground have decades of experience spot treating these issues, and we never over-prescribe services. You can trust us to correctly diagnose the issue, explain it to you to ensure you understand, and provide exceptional service that not only stops the current problem, but prevents further issues. After drain tile service, it is possible that you may still experience moisture in your basement. This could occur because of cracks in the foundation that allow water to enter your basement before routing to the drain tile system. Do not fear – we can fix this, too! We provide a free quote and exceptional customer service.


Drain tiles is a pipe  system under your basement floor that collects and carries water to your sump crock, which then pumps it out of and away from your home. Many homes have both an interior and an exterior drain tile system, which work together to ensure your basement stays dry. Over time, drain tiles can clog due to encroaching tree or shrub roots, debris, etc. which impede water flow to your sump crock and cause water to accumulate in your basement.

In conducting a drain tile test, a drain tile expert will first create one to five holes in your basement, in order to inspect the interior drain tile system. They will look for any impediments to proper functioning on the outside of the system, such as tree roots. To inspect the inside of the system, the technician will insert a hose and run water through the pipes to diagnose any blockages or flow problems.

To test the functioning of the exterior drain tile system, the technician will perform what is called a “drain tile spud test.” They will first drive a “spud,” or long pipe, into the earth outside of the home to access the exterior drain tile system, and flush water through the system to ensure it reached the interior system and is effectively flushed away from your home.

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