Foundation Support

Foundation Support

The Structural Foundation Experts

If you have noticed any small cracks in your exterior walls or drywall, you have a structural foundation problem. If this problem is left untreated, your foundation will continue to shift and crack and will then start to spread apart. This issue can cause your walls to completely collapsing, creating unwanted stress and expensive repairs. American Underground Specialist is here to fix the problem before more problems are created.

How Do We Perform Foundation Support?

When you start to notice bowing, buckling, and cracks in the foundation of your home or business, call American Underground Specialist. We work with special carbon fiber strips, backed by a limited lifetime warranty, designed to hold your foundation walls to prevent any future movement. The static pressure on the outside walls is minimal to help receive the full effect of the fiber strips.

We also seal any major cracks with Epoxy Resin to serve as a water stopper for future moisture build-up. Epoxy Resin also helps to hold the structure together. In the event the strips don’t work for your home, we have other options that we are able to recommend based off of your free consultation.

With the help of hydraulic support systems and push pier systems, we are able to establish a firm setting for your home or business to save your property from any future water damage.

Crack Repair Done Right

As time goes on, finding cracks in your basement walls is inevitable. Usually, these cracks are accessible from the inside of your basement walls and can be fixed the same way. Cracks can be found under basement windows, above doorways, or in the middle of concrete walls.

As soon as you notice cracks in your basement concrete walls, call American Underground Specialist at 815-247-4528!

How Do We Perform Crack Repair?

American Underground Specialist injects a low-velocity polyurethane to react with the earth and the foundation. It becomes a foam substance and acts as a permanent solution inside of your basement wall.

Although it is a great solution, polyurethane may not be the best solution. The best way to move forward with the best solution is to give American Underground Specialist a call as there may be a greater underlying problem.

Get Your In-Home Estimate Today

Since water has many ways of getting into your home, it is important to call the experts as soon as possible. American Underground Specialist believes your home and business deserve the best. Call and ask us about our WaterFree Guarantee. Call us today!

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