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Our mission at A.U.S. is to provide the highest level of excellence for the highest quality of people. In order to do so, we are continually being educated, staying humble, and working with integrity by only concentrating on you, from the beginning to the end.

Our Purpose

We understand the unique situation that you are in right now and respect the fact that you are doing your research to select the right contractor for your investment needs.

We are here for one purpose, and one purpose only. It is to provide the best solution for your foundation and waterproofing needs. We are able to do that by offering a wide variety of solutions using the highest quality of products through our partner Earth Contact Products (ECP).

Earth Contact Products produces the highest quality products for foundational issues, and each Certified Contractor must go through training and testing in order to be able to use their product. You can read more about ECP’s products at www.myfoundationrepair.com.

Benefits of Choosing American Underground Specialist

Each of our visits includes a free inspection of your unique foundation or crawl space issues. Once the free inspection is completed, we will then be able to diagnose your investment’s unique issue while educating you and your family. From there we provide you solutions as well as the cost for each solution. We will not try to sell or upsell you at any time.

Upon selection of the task you select, we pull the proper permits, as well as schedule an inspection for any work that is completed. If a shovel needs to be put in the ground we will “Call Before We Dig” in order to ensure that all parties involved remain safe during the completion of your project. Some solutions will require structural engineers to get involved. A.U.S will ensure all of these steps are completed before any work is started.

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